Dear friends of Cobi.

On this website, we want to give you a simple overview of the diversity of the Cobi Toys world.

This page will continually expand and grow. Some sets are still missing, but we will try to complete them as soon as they are available. It’s a fluent process.

It can also occur that we use early render images, these will be exchanged as soon as the official data is available.

If you have any suggestions or improvements, send them to us using the contact form.

Your COBIpedia team

Cobi 1230 Cosmic Combat Vehicle
Cobi 1230 Cosmic Combat Vehicl...
Cobi 1231 Phoenix
Cobi 1231 Phoenix
Cobi 1250 Andromeda Rocket Launcher
Cobi 1250 Andromeda Rocket Lau...
Cobi 1270 Alphatron - Galactic Base
Cobi 1270 Alphatron - Galactic...
Cobi 1350 Sixwheeled Attack Vehicle
Cobi 1350 Sixwheeled Attack Ve...
Cobi 1371 Monster - Mega Destroyer
Cobi 1371 Monster - Mega Destr...



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